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April 2006

Security features introduced in Windows Vista will make setting up PCs to boot in either Linux or Windows far more difficult, according to security guru Bruce Schneier. Not only that, it seems that it would make it far more difficult to recover data from a corrupted install of windows – or better yet…recover from a […]


Disable USB Drives

by Steve Wiseman on April 28, 2006 · 9 comments

in Windows

Update 1/18/2007 09:23 PM EST – Some changes in windows have made this article out of date. Check out our new article on the subject to learn how to disable USB flash drives Once in a while I have a friend, or customer that needs to keep people from using the USB ports to copy […]


A friend of mine sent me this very cool picture of Microsoft from around 1978: If you can guess which one is Bill, you get a prize – just kidding 😉 Check out our Windows Admin Tools


There is something that has always annoyed me about the way windows shares are displayed to a user – they get to see all of them! Yes I know about putting a $ after the share, such as c$, or admin$, but what about those shares that the president of the company wants to have […]


It seems that there is a new vulnerability found in Internet Explorer every day.This stems from the fact that it was designed to allow ActiveX controls to install just about anything on your PC. Even with the most robust antivirus programs installed on your computer, you are still at risk of getting bad software installed […]


The patch MS06-015 which validates shell extensions has caused quite a number of problems with HP, and NVidia software. A number of my friends that do IT support have told me about the large number of computers they have seen affected by this problem. Microsoft has indicates that they will be releasing an update to […]


It has been years since I have had a virus on my machine. I usually browse as a non-administrator and I am very careful about what websites I visit. My friends are not so lucky. I had to clean off some nasty viruii last week for a friend of mine. I decided to do my […]


When you get to hang out with other experienced computer professionals you start to realize how many things you do not know. I have been working with Windows since 3.0 came out, and I still find something new all of the time. For example, I was sitting behind one of my tech friends and he […]


I don’t know about you, but those little bubbles that Microsoft displays to inform you about ‘important’ things are starting to drive me crazy. ‘You have unused icons on your desktop’ ‘You have updates waiting to be loaded’ ‘What the hell you looking down here for?’ etc etc I am just tired of it, and […]


The system restore tool that is bundled within Windows XP is priceless. Numerous times I have helped myself or others get their system back to a working state by restoring to a previous image. To restore to a previous state just click on Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore […]


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