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March 2012

Got a question from Matthew this week: “I was wondering if you guys have a script that could determine what OU a user is a member of…sort of an if then else clause, If a member of “Said Group” then do this, Else End If…” Good question Matthew. This turns out to be more difficult […]


Recently a flaw has been found in Remote Desktop (Otherwise known as Terminal Services). It allows an attacker to execute code on your computer by just sending a specialized packet to the RDP service. If you have any machines with RDP turned on, you should get your systems patched right away. More details can be […]


I have an old laptop that I always take with me on trips. I finally decided to get a new one – it was just getting too slow. Last weekend I was going to my brother’s place up north. The problem was, he was out of town and I really wanted to use his wireless […]


This week we got a question from Mark: “Hi Steve, I just inherited a network of about 50 computers. I noticed that many of them have all kinds of shared folders. I am trying to do some cleanup and lock-down. Wondering if you have a nice script to remove all shares, except the administrative shares […]


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