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Remote Control Online Beta 1.1

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by Steve Wiseman on November 8, 2012 · 3 comments

in Beta


Remote Control Online has reached Beta 1.1

What is it?

It is a tool that allows you to remotely control a computer over the Internet, without setting up servers or opening firewalls.

You can read more about it on the initial release page

We have listened to your suggestions and have fixed a few issues:

The agent takes forever to register – It now registers with the server in less than a few seconds.

The agent does not work behind firewall XXX – We have fixed a few issues that would keep it from working behind some firewalls.

The viewer requires me to enter a password – This was annoying since you are already logged in…the viewer still asked for the password. It now securely passes an authentication token to the viewer so you don’t have to type it again.

Need a one time usage instead of a subscription – We added a 24 Hour day pass. If you don’t need remote admin very often, you can get a day pass for $9.95. It only starts the clock after your first successful connection.

Some of the things we are working on:

-File Transfers


-Remote Command Line

Please sign up and give it a spin. We are working on lots of features, and if you get in (with the subscription) now…your price will be locked in for 1 year after the release of the final service.

Click Here to sign up

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{ 3 comments… read them below or add one }

1 William Hagerman November 8, 2012 at 7:03 pm

There are still a few features needed to be a good tool. One would be the ability to have the client download software only once and save their profile to a client list under the administrators login.
The second would be to have the ability to access that client unattended; especially handy after a reboot. Having the client go through the five steps to get this up and running will kill the desire to keep using this software, especially if clients have to do this whole sequence twice due to a reboot, which should really be done after any remote session regardless to make sure there are no other problems.

2 Steve Wiseman November 9, 2012 at 12:00 am

Hi William,

You are right on all points. And those features will make it into the product. We decided that we wanted to start small, and add features as we finish them. That way we can craft it to fit our customer’s needs…instead of building it in isolation and having a big release a year later.

The service is actually our Enterprise edition product….which means that everything our Enterprise edition can do right now, will be brought over to the web interface…and in turn enterprise customers will get an upgrade that allows them to self host the service you see right now (Minus the signup system…it will work off of standard and windows accounts instead).

So at the top of this list is having agents that run all the time…and actually this on-demand stuff is just a tiny part of what the service will eventually include.

3 Jennifer November 9, 2012 at 12:19 am

Thanks for the update. This is a big improvement. I was waiting 5 minutes sometimes for the end user to connect. I just finished with a support session, and the invitation code lit up in less than 5 seconds after the customer started the helper app.

Can’t wait to see what the next update has 🙂

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