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January 2013

File and printer sharing is needed for a variety of Windows administration tools. Our Remote Control, and Network Administrator need it to do their work. If you want to use the remote execution tool PSExec from Microsoft, it needs to be enabled. The same is true for other utilities like the cool software over at […]


This week I got a question from Matthew: “I’m in a situation where we have high turn-over on our first level of support. I’d like the help desk person to have local admin rights on most PC’s, but not all, and not specifically the way we have them grouped in Active Directory…Is there a way […]

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Like me, you probably know that the file search in Windows is broken. I have found an alternative that is small, and fast. It is called ‘Everything’ It allows you to easily search for anything and everything on your system. Once you download and run the program, you just start typing what you are looking […]


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