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Steve Wiseman

I have an Active Directory Domain that has lots of user accounts, under many organizational units. I wanted to find an easy way to see all of the user accounts within the domain. My friend Matt told me about this free tool called DumpSec from When you first launch the app it defaults to […]


It is not as simple as it sounds. You have Exchange, and want forward to an outside email address. With some other email servers, there is a one line entry where you can add an external account. Not so with Exchange. Lets me walk you through it. First, you need to create a contact. You […]

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Last weekend I fixed up an old machine of mine. I was about to give it to the local Salvation Army. They will take your old computers, clean em up, and then sell them at one of their outlet stores. They then take the money and put it to good use. Before I brought it […]


I have been avoiding it for a long time. I know batch files, and VB script so well that I am not in the mood to learn a totally different scripting language. As each day passes Microsoft is slowly phasing out their support for VB Script. Eventually Power Shell will be the only way to […]


I got a question from Jonathan: Hi! I have a feature request (For Network Administrator). Is it possible to add classic search when windows desktop search is installed by default? I prefer classic search, as do my users, though the desktop search is more useful for email, the majority of my users search for files […]


When I first came across Windows 2008 Core, I was happy. Finally, a version of windows you could chisel down to just the base components that you needed. Microsoft did such a good job – that it is hard to configure it with the default settings 🙂 No graphical tools are provided (Well there are […]


I had a test machine I was setting up this week. SQL Server 2008 was one of the applications I needed to install. The only problem, is that I could never get past the pre-requisites: Digging deeper, the true cause of the message was “There are pending file changes. Please reboot”. After 3 reboots and […]


Last week I wrote how to FTP the contents of a folder by just using a batch file. We had a few good suggestions on how to improve that script. Listening to those suggestions, I have come up with this updated version: @echo off rem =============================== rem = FTP Script Made by = rem = […]

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Hello All, A quick post to let you know that we have released Remote Control 4.4. This is a bug-fix release. We made sure we cleared through all of the issues raised by current customers before moving forward with anything new. Here is what we fixed: -Shutdown under Vista/Windows7/2008 does not disconnect the remote client […]


I have a group of log files that I need to upload every day to an archival server. For a long time I have been doing this by hand. I wanted a way to do this without using any extra software – just the default tools available in windows. I found a clean solution that […]


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