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Some time ago we released a free utility to burn files to DVD/CD from the command line. It has been quite popular, but one issue has been found. The utility did not close the burn session – which is fine in most situations. If you burned to a disk a second time and it had […]


A few weeks back I wrote about deleting files that are in use What about copying them so you can back them up? I found a tool that will do just that. It is called hobocopy. Not to be confused with robocopy, hobocopy takes advantage of a system within windows called Volume Shadow Copy. This […]


If you have ever copied a large number of files on Windows, you know how frustrating it can be. Sometimes a simple error can cancel a huge job. Sometimes you might start a copy before leaving the office…only to find out that 10 minutes into it, Windows asks you if you want to replace a […]


Jennifer, sent me a question last week: Steve, Got a question for you. I have a small network of about 10 laptops. All of my users store their email in PST files in Outlook. I want to have an icon on their desktop that they can click to backup Outlook before they leave for the […]


I had lunch last week with my good friend Brett. We were talking about synchronizing, and backing up files. I went on a long rant about how much I liked robocopy. After I finished talking about robocopy, he told me about SyncToy from Microsoft. SyncToy? I had never heard of it. The one drawback with […]


I have almost 4 years worth of emails in a Gmail account. I have tried using other services, and even ran my own email server – but I always find Google calling me back with their top notch spam protection. The problem with that is…well I have 4 years worth of emails. Many of them […]


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