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If you have laptops floating around that have a Windows fingerprint reader, you better take a closer look at them right now. Up until a few months ago, almost all laptop manufacturers have used the same software for their readers. The list includes Acer, ASUS, Dell, Gateway, Lenovo, MSI, NEC, Samsung, SONY, and Toshiba. The […]


Microsoft announced on Tuesday that a serious security hole was found in all versions of Internet Explorer. The flaw exploits the ActiveX plugin system in IE. If you use Internet Explorer, and are running flash – you are vulnerable. If you have any ActiveX control installed in IE you have a good chance of being […]


Security researchers at Microsoft last week warned of a significant increase in exploits of the SMB flaw in Windows. The flaw was patched with an emergency fix last month. Microsoft again urged users to install the patch if they have not already done so. The patch can be found here Microsoft’s malware protection center said […]


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