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By now you should have heard about Shellshock. It is a huge vulnerability in the Bash shell – which is used in many unix based systems. Most of you are running all Windows systems, but I would like you to think for a moment about those black boxes that are running on your network. The […]


If you purchased Enterprise Remote Control, or are running the trial – you will want to get this update. It uses OpenSSL to provide HTTPS support, and some new vulnerabilities have been disclosed in this library Here are the two major issues: CVE-2014-0224 And: CVE-2014-3512 This update addresses all known OpenSSL vulnerabilities as of August […]

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This week Adam asked a great question: “Hi Steve, I am really busy putting out fires, and I don’t have time to browse all the security patch websites looking for things. Do you have any good security email lists I can sign up for?” There are so many out there that have lots of activity, […]


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