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Windows Vista

This week we have a question from Linda: “Hi Steve, I am looking for a way to set wireless key settings from a script. We have lots of laptops, and it would take quite a bit of time to put in our key on all of them. Any easy way to do this?” Yes. Starting […]


I got a question from Lewis this week: “I hope this email finds you well. I have a plotter here at my company, and the driver is really temperamental. At least twice a week the driver crashes, and then all of the jobs get stuck in the spooler. To fix it I need to stop […]


The Cron Service for windows has been updated. To see what we have added, visit the announcement page If you spend any amount of time working with Unix, you will come across Cron and the CronTab file. What is it? Cron allows you to schedule programs to run at specified intervals, like every Sunday at […]


It is that time again. Microsoft is getting close to releasing IE 9 in its final form. According to my sources, it will be released on Monday, March 14th. This also means it will show up in automatic updates as an “Important Update” If you want to prevent this from happening, you can setup a […]


I was not a big fan of the new start menu in Windows 7, and Vista. Especially since Microsoft made it impossible to switch back. Over time I grew to like it. What about those users who aren’t on the computer every day? Many of them have a hard enough time just getting the computer […]


I installed Windows 7 on my ASUS Atom N270 Before I did that, I recorded how long it took to do a few things: -Copying a 45 MB file over the network -Boot Time -Shutdown Time -Memory used at idle, after startup -IE Launch time Then, after I installed Windows 7, I did the same, […]


This is a quick one – The final version of Remote Control 4.0 has been released. Current customers with an upgrade protection license should receive their email within 24 hours. If you did not, please send an email to and we will take care of you as soon as possible. Here are the screenshots: […]


I was troubleshooting a server yesterday and a came across an easy way to clean boot into Vista, or 2008. When I say clean boot I mean that Windows starts without any 3rd party services running. To do it, startup MSCONFIG, (Start then run…type msconfig.exe) Once it launches, move over to the services tab: Then […]


We have been working hard on the new version of IntelliAdmin Remote Control. Some things that will be in the new version: Screen scaling – The client will automatically shrink the view to fit the screen within the window. With huge resolutions, you no longer are forced to constantly scroll around Alpha Capture Disable – […]


Since 2000 every version of Windows uses object reuse protection. When you create a file, the space on the hard drive for that file will be zeroed out. Another way of looking at this is when a file is created, Windows will make it impossible to see what was there before. But what about right […]


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