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Remote Control

Take control of computers across your network, or across the world. Remote Control allows you to control a PC as if you were there. Includes a blazing fast search to find computers quickly

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Remote Control 5.6 Released
Remote Control 5.4 MSI Distribution
Remote Control 5.4 Distribution Update
Remote Control 5.4 Released
Remote Control Beta 2 Released
Beta - Remote Control 5.4
A Windows 2012 RDP Shadowing Alternative
Spy on computers remotely
Easily Shadow Remote Desktop Sessions
IntelliAdmin Remote Control with Windows 7
Use group policy to manage IntelliAdmin Remote Control

Remote Control 5 Screen Shots


Agent Settings – Tray Window

Status Window

Agent Settings – Listen Ports

Listen Ports

Agent Settings – IP Address Filter

IP Address Filter

Agent Settings – User Types

User Types

Agent Settings – User Permissions

User Permissions

Agent Settings – Enterprise Connection Status

Enterprise Connection Status

Agent Settings – Standard Edition Access Control

Access Control

Agent Settings – Standard Edition Connection Status

Access Control


Main Viewer Screen

Main Viewer Screen

Viewer Settings – Computer Lists

Computer Lists

Viewer Settings – Connection Options

Connection Options

Viewer Settings – Enterprise Server

Enterprise Server Settings

Viewer Settings – Server Install

Server Install

Viewer Settings – Usernames and Passwords

Usernames and Passwords

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