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I have been getting lots of reports of users who manually installed this new update of Windows 10 – named the ‘Anniversary update’ The reports are from not being able to even reboot, lost wifi connectivity, to all settings getting set back to their defaults. I did some google searching and am seeing the same […]


If you wanted to take advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10…today is the last day to do it (July 29th 2016). Here is where you can force it to start: Windows 10 Free Upgrade For many administrators this will be the end of the nightmare, and if you want to get it for […]


Today we are releasing the next version of our Enterprise Remote Control What is it? Enterprise remote control allows you to remotely control computers that are anywhere on the internet. The server will automatically proxy connections behind a firewall, or NAT device. You can easily connect from the office to a computer at a coffee […]


Hello Everyone, Today we released Remote Control 5.6 If you are in a hurry, here are the changes: -Major overhaul of the clipboard handling code. -Fixed keyboard issues with shift key under Windows 8 through Windows 10 -Fixed bugs with non-english keyboards. -Updated capture engine for Windows 8 ~ Windows 10, improving performance on these […]


Sorry it has been so long since I have had the newsletter. We have been working hard on the internals of Remote Control and Enterprise Remote Control to make way for multi-platform support, and features like file transfers. Because of the nature of the changes, we are not able to do a slow roll out […]

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Windows 10 has just been released – many of you have been asking me how to remove the annoying notification to upgrade in Windows 7 and Windows 8. It is actually not too hard. There is a registry key that you can set, and after a reboot it will no longer nag you to upgrade […]


Back in 2011 we created a tool called IdleLogoff. It was designed to automatically logoff users that no longer moved the keyboard or mouse for a set amount of time. This is usually needed for compliance reasons or in some cases public kiosks. How it works is you run the program from the startup folder […]


We just released an update to our Enterprise Remote Control. It updates OpenSSL to address this denial of service vulnerability: The issue would allow someone to send a special crafted back to crash the openssl library, and deny access until you restart the service. Due to the number of problems found in OpenSSL, we […]


I have an older server with a few virtual machines under Hyper-V. I wanted to run them on my laptop using VMWare Workstation. While looking for an easy way to switch I found a free tool that allows you to easily convert. It is called StarWind V2V Converter. What it does is convert the virtual […]


This week I found a utility that can clean up temp files from your system. It is called BleachBit, and can find and clean temp files created by Windows, Chrome, Firefox and IE: Just so nothing important is deleted, you can get a preview of what it is going to clear out: In addition to […]

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