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April 2007

Many times we see this error reported by customers when trying to use one of our programs to update a remote machine. It has taken us a while to find the source of the error, but it seems that it is an issue with 3rd party applications A registry change needs to be made […]


The Windows Vista resource kit was released this week. I know many administrators have been waiting for it as the previous resource kits have been an invaluable resource. Like the previous resource kits it will include tools, utilities, and vital information all in one package. It is currently retailing for $59.99 US. I think I […]


I have been catching up on some reading this weekend. A few weeks back I bought Raymond Chen’s book “The New Old Thing“. It is an excellent walk through windows history, and why windows does the things it does. One of the things I came across in the book was about how the Windows XP […]


Normally I would not post about development issues here, but while taking a break from working on the latest version of our remote control software I began daydreaming a theory about .NET and its impact on Windows. We are avoiding .NET like the plague. This is because we want our executables to be small with […]


This problem seems to getting worse by the minute. If you have not heard about it yet there is a mouse cursor vulnerability in just about every version of windows. Currently it can be exploited by creating a specially crafted website and trick a user into visiting it. Any version of IE is vulnerable. Let […]


Microsoft has had about 400,000 downloads of SP2 for 2003 so far, and they are starting to get a number of reports from customers running ISA server. Here are the specifics from a MS Blog on the subject: 1. If you run ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition with or without the ISA Server SP2, you […]

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