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October 2011

If you have been using Windows 7 (Or even Vista) for a while, you might have noticed something really annoying. When you have drives mapped in explorer: They don’t show up in a command prompt if it is elevated with administrator permissions: There is a simple reason for this – The feature known as User […]


I have been testing parts of our software lately (Alpha stuff that will be released in a few months). One problem I keep running into, is I collect up a large number of mapped drives that are unavailable: This is because the machine is powered off, or is a virtual machine that I deleted. I […]


My friend Mike emailed me: “Hey Steve, I thought I might pass along another tool from Nirsoft. I just used it to solve a random crash issue I had with one of our remote servers. It would crash intermittently, and I could never get the staff to look at the machine before they cycled the […]


This week I received a question from Scott: “Hi Steve, Management at my company wants to block AIM (AOL Messenger) on all computers. Because some of the machines are not joined to the domain I want a way to do this from a script. The port is 4099 TCP btw. Thanks!” I spoke with Scott, […]


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