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July 2014

I got a question from Andrea this week: “Hi Steve, We have some VMs under HyperV that are used for training during the day and we would like to setup a vbscript that could be called from windows scheduler that could start them up in the morning, and shut them down at the end of […]


As we promised, we are releasing the MSI installer for the Remote Control 5.4 agent. This will allow you to use group policy to push it out. If you are a Remote Control Enterprise customer You can ignore this update…since it can already generate its own msi setup files. What is Remote Control? It is […]


A few weeks back we released the new version of Remote Control. What is it? It is a remote administration program that allows you to control computers remotely, as if you were in front of them. Really it does more than that…here are just some of the major features: You can set a policy to […]


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