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May 2006

We have released a new version of our freeware add/remove programs utility. It allows you to remove those pesky applications that have a broken uninstall. Make sure you try the applications uninstall first – this program will simply remove it from the Add/Remove programs list, no actual uninstall procedures are called As always – no […]


Update (June 2006): We have created a vulnerability testing tool . It is free, and can be downloaded from here Update 5/12/2006: We contacted the RealVNC team with our findings. They were able to verify the flaw, and release a fix within only a few short hours. I would highly suggest downloading 4.1.2 if you […]


Setting up a logon script in active directory is not always that simple. Lets walk through it. First, open “Active Directory Users and Computers” on the domain controller Now right click on the user you want to have the logon script and select the properties menu. A properties dialog like the one shown below will […]


Update (June 2006): We have created a vulnerability testing tool . It is free, and can be downloaded from here Update (05/10/2006) – We have contacted the RealVNC team. Quickly they released a new version that fixed the security issue. If you are running WinVNC 4.1.1 I suggest you get to today and update […]


We just released a new version of our freeware remote reboot utility. It is a replacement for one we have had on our site for quite some time now. We added the ability to manually pick a hostname, and pick alternate credentials No extra dlls, or .net runtimes are required. It just runs without any […]


I have been asked this a few times now. How can you force Microsoft Internet Explorer to default to a custom home page? It really is a simple group policy setting, but with many group policy options – it is not always easy to find. First, for this to work I am assuming you have […]


Citrix, and Microsoft Terminal services have had an annoyance for quite some time now. Numlock and Capslock just don’t default to what you want. It seems that if the user is not an administrator – both are cleared at login. No matter what registry hacks you try, the user is still stuck with these settings. […]


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