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April 2009

The first release candidate of Windows 7 has been dated to release on May 5th. One of the big revelations by Microsoft in recent days is the availability of a Windows XP mode. This is unlike previous versions of windows that simply had a compatibility check box. This will be a fully functional Virtual machine […]


Last Tuesday Microsoft confirmed that the next version of Office (code named Office 14), will come in both 32 and 64 bit versions. Office 14, is expected to be called Office 2010, but no name has been announced yet. The most fascinating part about this new release is that Microsoft will be including browser based […]


Since the 3.1 release of our Remote Control Product it has supported group policy. Supporting is nice, but if there is no way to get to these settings, then it does not exist for the customer. Recently we have been getting requests for a finer level of control over who, and how people can remote […]


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