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December 2011

I am not sure if you are aware of it, but starting next year Microsoft is changing their Internet Explorer upgrade policy. Specifically, they will be putting IE updates into the standard automatic update cycle. This means if you have an older version of IE, it will automatically get upgraded. Many organizations have piles of […]


I got a question from Lewis this week: “I hope this email finds you well. I have a plotter here at my company, and the driver is really temperamental. At least twice a week the driver crashes, and then all of the jobs get stuck in the spooler. To fix it I need to stop […]


I got a question from John this week: “A few of my clients are using a broadband connection with DHCP addresses for the public interface. Do you know of a script or program that can be used to monitor the IP address and send a email if the IP address changes?” Good question. It is […]


Sometimes the simplest tips are the best. Normally I would not even write about this but it is such a great time saver, it is worth repeating even if only a few of you don’t know about it. I know you have seen this before: What is the problem here? Well, what if you want […]


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