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May 2010

When I first came across Windows 2008 Core, I was happy. Finally, a version of windows you could chisel down to just the base components that you needed. Microsoft did such a good job – that it is hard to configure it with the default settings 🙂 No graphical tools are provided (Well there are […]


A few weeks back we released Remote Control 4.4. Since that time, we have received reports of a few more issues that needed to be corrected: -Mouse movements were not shown on the remote side -ALT Key getting stuck in certain situations when CTRL-ALT-INS was pressed -CAPS lock not being transmitted during remote control session […]


I had a test machine I was setting up this week. SQL Server 2008 was one of the applications I needed to install. The only problem, is that I could never get past the pre-requisites: Digging deeper, the true cause of the message was “There are pending file changes. Please reboot”. After 3 reboots and […]


Last week I wrote how to FTP the contents of a folder by just using a batch file. We had a few good suggestions on how to improve that script. Listening to those suggestions, I have come up with this updated version: @echo off rem =============================== rem = FTP Script Made by = rem = […]

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Hello All, A quick post to let you know that we have released Remote Control 4.4. This is a bug-fix release. We made sure we cleared through all of the issues raised by current customers before moving forward with anything new. Here is what we fixed: -Shutdown under Vista/Windows7/2008 does not disconnect the remote client […]


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