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March 2013

Last week I got an email from Chris: “One thing that would be really useful (In Network Administrator) for us would be the ability to run gpupdate with various switches i.e. /force or /boot to remote pc’s. especially when we have deployed software to a whole IT suite and then have to log on to […]


If you are like me, you get roped into cleaning up messy computers. The problem I have seen lately is that many toolbars, helpers, and general spyware are no longer detected as spyware. They do this by making sure the application has an uninstall, and asks the user before installing the software. Still – that […]

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Hello Everyone, I hope your Friday is going well – I just wanted to put out this quick note to let you know we updated our SystemInfo.exe utility. If you don’t know what it is, you can read more about it here The update is in response to a few requests. Here are the new […]


Chris emailed me this week and asked: “I was wondering how I could remotely execute a .reg file using Network Administrator?” At first I thought there might be an easy way using the remote execute option, but in order to import the file you need a copy of it on the remote machine. Instead, we […]

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Last year we released a tool called ‘SystemInfo’ that would allow users to easily see their local IP address, and other system information. It can really save time when supporting users over the phone. Instead of telling them to click on start, then control panel, and trying to guess which version of windows – you […]


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