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October 2012

We have just fired up the servers for our first beta of Remote Control Online. What is it? It is a remote administration solution that works over the Internet, and requires very little setup on your end. I walk you through how it works. Let’s say Bob calls you and needs help with his computer. […]


A number of you are asking how to enable the admin share in Windows 8 – I wrote this article to show you how. What is the admin share? It is a special share that allows programs to remotely push software and settings. The simple fact is if you need to push software across your […]


This week we have a question from Linda: “Hi Steve, I am looking for a way to set wireless key settings from a script. We have lots of laptops, and it would take quite a bit of time to put in our key on all of them. Any easy way to do this?” Yes. Starting […]


A few weeks ago I showed you how to force automatic updates using a simple script. This week I came across another interesting tool that can manage automatic updates. Best of all it is free, and can be executed from the command line. It is called WUInstall. If you just want to see what updates […]


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