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September 2011

Got a question from Brett this week: “Hi Steve. I have a tough one for you. I want to determine from a VBScript if a program is using too much CPU time. Specifically, I want to know when the spooler service goes over 50% CPU utilization. All the scripts I see don’t seem to work […]


A few weeks back I wrote about a way to delete or move a file on reboot. Why would you want to do that? It is probably in use by an application or service that you can’t seem to find (Usually maleware or a virus). Many readers were kind enough to point me to a […]


Got a question from Nathan: “Steve, we have a file we need to download from a website once a week. Since I am the only one in the IT department, they have made it my job to get this file and put it on a public share every Friday. Is there any way I could […]


In another life I worked at a bank. We had a bunch of terminal servers – all of them packed with users. Throughout the day I would get a call like this: “My teller program is stuck, can you help me?” This buggy teller app would freeze up and no matter how much they tried […]


Once in a while you will come across a file that you can’t move or delete because it is always in use. A trick to get around this is to have Windows delete or move it on startup – before the system is running and the file is back in use again. How can you […]


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