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July 2010

I got a question from Mark last week: “Steve, I was wondering if you could add a plugin to Network Administrator that would disable control panel access. I know it is not the best way to keep people out, but it would save me a lot of headaches” Actually, I have gotten a few requests […]


Even with the huge amount of space that I have, I am always running out. When that happens I start digging. Usually I wait through this: If you have more than just a few folders, it can be a huge waste of time. I ran across a free tool from Microsoft called “Disk Usage” You […]


I was not a big fan of the new start menu in Windows 7, and Vista. Especially since Microsoft made it impossible to switch back. Over time I grew to like it. What about those users who aren’t on the computer every day? Many of them have a hard enough time just getting the computer […]


A friend of mine forgot his password for his Windows 7 computer, and needed to get back into it. I remembered years ago when I was working as a contractor, there was a little Linux utility that would allow you to boot from a floppy and reset windows passwords Lucky for him, that utility is […]

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I have an Active Directory Domain that has lots of user accounts, under many organizational units. I wanted to find an easy way to see all of the user accounts within the domain. My friend Matt told me about this free tool called DumpSec from When you first launch the app it defaults to […]


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