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June 2012

I have been playing around with Windows 8 a lot lately. As I browse the forums at Microsoft, I have realized that they are not going to bring the start menu back. No matter how much people complain, they simply refuse. I heard there is a registry hack that can bring the start menu back. […]


Back in May John asked: “Hi There Is there a tool that can run and provide a list of “last logon” with date and time, I need something to show like a activity list. It would help re-deploying PC’s from one location to another based on use.” I am glad you asked about this John. […]


Elizabeth asked this week: “Hi Steve, I have been using the free version of Network Administrator for quite a while and I really like it. I was wondering, is there any way you could use this to show me the percentage and amount of space that is free on the C drive of computers on […]


We have been working hard on a new remote execution engine for Network Administrator It really is a difficult problem to tackle with Windows 7, Vista, and 2008 in the mix. UAC, and other security features make it nearly impossible get something like this to work properly – but we have come up with some […]


Yesterday Microsoft Released the latest Windows 8 preview. I have been reading some of the Microsoft blogs, and although this release still has the Aero interface (That glassy look)…according to a blog post by a Microsoft Employee this will be gone in the final release: He even went on to say: “…(The Vista and […]


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