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July 2012

Yesterday I received an email from Andrew: “Hi Steve. I have been looking for a really simple utility. I am always on the phone with users, and sometimes it takes forever to walk them through and have them find their IP address or host name. I remember your post about BGInfo, but that program puts […]


A few weeks ago I wrote an article about seeing who logged on to a computer. After many of you emailed me, I started to investigate how accurate the script was – and it turns out not so much. That script uses a WMI object to get its information. It returns what windows considers a […]


Cynthia asks: “Hi Steve, I have been using profile generator for my organization for a while now, but a new issue has come up. We want to simply move users to a new exchange server host name, without deleting their current profile. Otherwise their PST files and other things attached to the profile will get […]


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