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April 2012

A few months ago I received an email from Steve in Ontario: “…I want to round out this junk cleaning by trashing empty directories as well. I have found all sorts of approaches to this, but none are elegant. I am old-school, having started as a UNIX system programmer some … 40 years ago:-) So, […]


I got a question from Murali: “Suppose if I have a 100+ work group machines in the same network how can I run a script remotely against them? I would like to enter a range of IP address for my selection” This is a tough one since Workgroup computers (Systems not joined to a domain) […]


We just released Remote Control 5.1. One of the toughest to build (for us), but most interesting additions to this version is the ability to jump into a remote desktop session. What does this mean? Lets say you have a user that is logged into your terminal server, and you need to help them with […]


Microsoft has released a public beta of Windows Server 8. You can get a free copy from here: It can’t run in most virtual environments, so if you are going to try it out…you will probably need a physical machine. The first thing I noticed – There is no start menu: While digging around […]


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