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July 2008

I just received an email from VMWare: Hi Steve — Thanks for pointing out the Auditing term in the ESXi license. We usually sell our enterprise products with “Support and Subscription” (SnS). This entitles you to both support and product updates for a period of time. As the license is written, if there is no […]


After I got done posting this morning about how much I loved the free VMWare ESXi, I received a few emails pointing me to the license restrictions that you agree to when installing it. Here is the fun part: 3.9 Audit Rights. You will maintain accurate records as to your use of the Software as […]

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Like I said in my last post I was going to give ESXi a spin. VMWare just made it free. It is their response to Hyper-V from Microsoft. I have already setup a Hyper-V 2008 box here…it took me forever to get the thing to work under Server Core 2008. Even with all that work […]


It is getting late, but I thought I would post this quick one for you…VMWare is now giving away ESXi for free. If you never have used it before, it is a version of VMWare that runs as its own operating system…and under 32MB of ram! (This is really simplistic by I think you know […]


Now that Vista is starting to permeate the enterprise…I have started to get quite a few questions like this: Steve, we just replaced 10 machines, and they all are running Vista. We have a ‘one time’ script that we need to roll out that requires administrative access. Every time we run it, it fails, and […]


SanDisk said on Monday that Windows Vista is not optimized for flash drives – delaying delivery of optimized drives until next year. Specifically the CEO said at a second quarter earnings conference “As soon as you get into Vista applications in notebook and desktop, you start running into very demanding applications because Vista is not […]


There has been a story starting to brew about a serious DNS security flaw. The details of the flaw have finally been leaked here: Information Week Article This is one of those problems that is easy to ignore, but could become a huge nightmare if left unchecked. Essentially the flaw allows an attacker to redirect […]


Like me, I know many of you are probably starting to take a look at Windows 2008 for your environment…so this might be of use to you. I came across a detailed performance tuning guide that Microsoft released back in June. What does it cover? Here is a list of the performance tuning sections within […]


I have been playing around with the SystemInfo command in windows, and I wanted a concise way to see what the uptime of my system was. It is actually very simple. Get a command line, and type: It will go through some calculations, and finally come back: This is a very simple way to see […]


I have been toying around with different configurations here using the free VMWare server package. I decided I would take another look at the Microsoft VM solution (Now known as Hyper-V) In the past I have been underwhelmed by the truly abysmal state of Microsoft’s Virtual Machine server software. Last time I tried it out […]


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