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June 2011

I got a question from Linda: “Hi Steve I just started using your remote control software, and I have a problem I have run into. We have a few computers that have VNC installed. I no longer know what the password is. They are in another building, and it would be fantastic if I could […]


I like to keep my wireless network secure. Too easy for neighbors to pick up my passwords, and info just by connecting to my network. Worse yet, they could download pirated music or cause all kinds of trouble on my Internet connection. The problem with having a complex password is that it is hard for […]


The emails keep coming in. Keep it up 🙂 This question is from Steve (Awesome name, love it): “Hi Steve. We have a piece of software that does not run as a service. It runs like any other application. You launch it and it performs batch processing. The problem is, well, if this application dies […]


Trying something new this week – got a video version of this weeks tip: Got a question from Linda this week, “Steve. We have quite a few IIS based web servers and each of them has their own custom configuration. I know how to backup all the files, but is there any way to backup […]


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