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July 2013

I decided to take some time off this week to work around the house and finish things I have neglected at home. We have one area of our yard that has underground sprinklers, but they need to be manually turned on. This is because it is difficult to get a wire to the controller – […]


Over the weekend I helped my friend upgrade his small network of computers to Office 2013. He is one of those people who loves to run the latest and greatest. Unfortunately Microsoft has decided to heavily push the cloud features of Office 2013. This means that every time you launch Word, Excel, etc you get […]


Today we are releasing the final beta of Enterprise Remote Control. What is it? It is web based remote control that makes it easy to support users over the Internet. Most solutions like this require a monthly fee. It is understandable. Someone needs to run those servers, maintain them, and hide the complexity from you. […]


I came across a very well thought out eBook that explains how to lock down Google Chrome using group policy. If you want to deploy Google Chrome, but are missing the control you had with IE…you will want to give it a read. It was written by an organization you may have heard about in […]


We just finished the first draft of the users guide for Enterprise remote control. Enterprise Remote Control allows you to: -Control Computers from anywhere -Easily find users on your network by name -Jump into RDP sessions, without searching for the server they are on -Control the entire setup. No third party servers, or monthly fees […]


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