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October 2014

If you purchased Enterprise Remote Control, or are running the trial – you will want to get this update. A new vulnerability has been found in SSL used for secure web communications. It is called the POODLE attack It can be mitigated by upgrading your browser, but the best solution is to fix it on […]


Many years ago we released a free utility to shutdown, or reboot a system remotely. Eventually that got rolled into our Network Administrator application. Many times it would be great to have this type of functionality built into Windows (Nothing to install). Sure there is the command line ‘shutdown’ command, but what about a simple […]


This week the new version of Windows was announced – Windows 10. I just finished installing the preview, and so far things are looking nice. The start menu is back, front and center: As you can see it is a shrunk version of the Windows 8 start screen mixed with the previous start menu. After […]


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