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May 2013

I got a question from Elizabeth this week: “Hi Steve. I am a big fan of all the tools you have, especially Network Administrator. We are going to have an IT audit next month and I want to get this network I inherited in shape. Mostly right now I want to get a complete list […]

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In July of 2012, Andrew asked us a question: “Hi Steve. I have been looking for a really simple utility. I am always on the phone with users, and sometimes it takes forever to walk them through and have them find their IP address or host name. I remember your post about BGInfo, but that […]


If you have not tried Windows 2012 server yet – you should give it a spin. Yes, it is missing the start menu – but the performance blows 2008 server out of the water. I don’t have any specifics to back it up, but just the boot time and general overall system responsiveness will really […]


I came across a PDF this week that might be of interest to you. It is a declassified e-book that was written for spies within the NSA to find information on the Internet. Some of it is old by now (Talks about Windows 2000 and XP only), but many of the tricks and tips they […]

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I came across a tool this week. It is called “Network Stuff” It is a tiny little app, but has a bunch of features that could be helpful when trying to diagnose network issues. My favorite part is the status window. The TCP/UDP options give you a quick view of the ports owned by applications: […]


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