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July 2009

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that a serious security hole was found in all versions of Internet Explorer. The flaw exploits the ActiveX plugin system in IE. If you use Internet Explorer, and are running flash – you are vulnerable. If you have any ActiveX control installed in IE you have a good chance of being […]


Last week I wrote about a free tool from Microsoft for synchronizing files. I asked you if you had any tools that made your life easier – my inbox was filled with suggestions. One of the free tools that really caught my eye was Microsoft Network Monitor. I have been using Ethereal for a long […]


I had lunch last week with my good friend Brett. We were talking about synchronizing, and backing up files. I went on a long rant about how much I liked robocopy. After I finished talking about robocopy, he told me about SyncToy from Microsoft. SyncToy? I had never heard of it. The one drawback with […]


I have been playing with Windows 7 again. While reading through a few Windows 7 blogs, I came across an article that described how to change the Logon background in Windows 7. If you have not had a chance to see Windows 7, this is what the default logon background looks like: Very similar to […]


USB flash drives are a concern at most companies today. They can bring in viruses, spyware, or trojans. On the flip side they can easily be used to copy out important data. We have a free program called USB Disabler that allows you to entirely disable flash drives. Since it was released we have constantly […]


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