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June 2010

One of the problems when deploying MS Outlook is that there is always some a wizard that needs to be completed before a user can start accessing their email. Even in the latest version of Outlook, there are setup pages the user has to fill out. This can get annoying if you have users that […]


It is not as simple as it sounds. You have Exchange, and want forward to an outside email address. With some other email servers, there is a one line entry where you can add an external account. Not so with Exchange. Lets me walk you through it. First, you need to create a contact. You […]

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Last weekend I fixed up an old machine of mine. I was about to give it to the local Salvation Army. They will take your old computers, clean em up, and then sell them at one of their outlet stores. They then take the money and put it to good use. Before I brought it […]


I have been avoiding it for a long time. I know batch files, and VB script so well that I am not in the mood to learn a totally different scripting language. As each day passes Microsoft is slowly phasing out their support for VB Script. Eventually Power Shell will be the only way to […]


I got a question from Jonathan: Hi! I have a feature request (For Network Administrator). Is it possible to add classic search when windows desktop search is installed by default? I prefer classic search, as do my users, though the desktop search is more useful for email, the majority of my users search for files […]


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