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March 2007

On Tuesday Samsung Electronics unveiled a 64 gigabyte flash drive at its Mobile Solution Forum in Taipei, Taiwan. The Korean company says it plans to start mass production of the 1.8 inch drive in the second quarter of 2007. A 64 GB flash drive is twice the size of any flash drive used in laptops […]


VMWare has announced the release of Beta 2 for Mac. Code named Fusion. It can utilize multiple CPU cores, and even allow you to host 64 bit windows based operating systems on your Mac. It has been designed from the ground up using Cocoa, so the interface works well with other Mac applications. A few […]


If you are not familiar with it yet. Microsoft is working on a new server version of windows that is aimed at the home user. It is called Windows Home Server. When I first heard of it I was highly skeptical. I thought that for my needs it would be too simple. On the other […]


Click Here to go back to Part 1 Once the install finished the system rebooted and it launched right into the desktop without even typing in a password. At first this concerned me, but quickly it came up with a POPUP box: I rebooted, and changed the password right away. A few things to notice […]


Click Here to go back to Part 1 The web interface is the most interesting part of Home Server. I was expecting the worst (Think SharePoint). And again, I was pleasantly surprised. You can access almost everything from the web interface. Files, Pictures, Music, Printers, and even connect through your Windows Home Server to remote […]


First of all I would like to apologize to those of you who check this blog regularly. Our free daylight saving time patch for windows was more popular than we ever expected. I have this thing about having *every* email answered. Maybe it was not such a good thing since as we approached the new […]


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