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Enterprise Remote Control Beta Released

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by Steve Wiseman on June 19, 2013 · 3 comments

in Terminal Services,Tips


We are happy to announce the Enterprise Remote Control beta is now available for download.

Enterprise remote control allows you to easily access computers inside and outside your network, without the monthly fees.

-You can find computers based on user name

-You can ‘jump’ into active RDP sessions (Even ones with multiple monitors)

-You don’t have to open a firewall port for each computer, the server will find the best way to connect.

-All communications are encrypted with 256 bit AES

-No monthly fees, and all traffic goes through *your* server. Not somewhere in the cloud.

-Fair and simple licensing:

Per administrator, with an unlimited number of computers. When we say “per administrator” this is concurrent. In other words, if you have 10 administrators but only 3 of them will need to use it at one time – then you only need 3 licenses. That sure beats a monthly fee doesn’t it?

A more detailed list of features can be found here:

Please make sure you report all bugs to so they can get the proper attention.

Pre-order today and you will receive

-A license for the current version of Enterprise remote control

-One year of free maintenance which includes email support, and free upgrades (Usually $99 per administrator)

-$50 off the per administrator price

This is a limited time offer that will only last until the final version is released in July.

60 Day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product we will return the full amount, no questions asked – really!

Click and purchase now

There is very little documentation ready at this point, but I know you are one of the smart ones so you will find it easy to figure things out after you install the software.

It is recommended that you run this on a Windows 2003, 2008, or 2012 server. XP/Vista and Windows 7/8 will work if you think you will have less than 20 computers to control.

Make sure IIS is not listening on port 443, or the two will conflict.

Download, and install the beta from here:

Run the install.

The setup wizard will allow you to setup one administrator account that will give you access to the built in website

Once the install is complete you can login to the web portal

The address is https://host

Where ‘host’ is the ip or hostname of the computer you installed it on

From there you can configure the server, and access computers.

Please report all bugs to

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{ 3 comments… read them below or add one }

1 Mr Chen June 20, 2013 at 11:23 am

Great beta steve. Been using it since I download and I can tell you – this is a huge time saver for me. Just ordered 2 admin licenses.

2 Mike June 20, 2013 at 12:10 pm


Why would I want to pay for this when I can get it for free with other online services?

3 Steve Wiseman June 20, 2013 at 12:13 pm

Hi Mike,

Good question. One reason is control. All the traffic, and the central server is run by you. You know where all your data is sitting.

Also, our product offers a level of permissions not available in other products. For example, you could setup an account for someone that only allows them to access three computers in accounting. Or better yet, force all administrators to ask permission before connecting to the CEO’s computer.

Most of the other services offer an all or nothing access.

RDP Shadowing. With our product you can jump into terminal service (RDP) sessions. This means if a user calls you up and has a problem with a program he is running on your terminal server…you can easily jump in and see what is going on. No need to even know where he is logged in, just type his name in the admin interface and you will find his session in a few seconds.

I think we are the only remote control product to offer this right now.

Those are just a few things…


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