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January 2014

This week I came across an e-book from Microsoft Press. It is called “Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2” Microsoft is giving it away right now, so get it while you can. It goes over some of the new features of 2012 R2. Including: -Active Directory -Hyper-V -Storage -Failover Clustering -Networking -IIS -Remote Desktop Services -Windows […]


A few weeks back I wrote a script that could go through all user profiles, and cleanup any temp files laying around. A long time customer Mark asked, “Could you add this to Network Admin?” Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this one Mark, but we got it. We added […]


Last weekend I pulled out an old utility that I have used for years. I wanted to check on my Raspberry PI that I used in this project: Sprinkler system controlled by a Raspberry PI What did I need to check? I forgot the IP address 🙁 Just wanted to see if the thing was […]


Yesterday we released a new version of Enterprise Remote Control. This build fixes some long standing issues that were very tough to isolate: Issue: Agents would take a long time to reconnect if the DNS server settings were changed, or the DNS server was down. Resolution: A complete change was made to how the agent […]


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