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January 2006

Our remote control software, IntelliAdmin 2006, does not allow access to Windows XP machines that have been updated to SP2. This is because SP2 effectively disables file and printer sharing – a feature that IntelliAdmin uses to automatically install remote control software. Even if you are not using our program, a modified version of this […]


How to enable file and printer sharing on XP SP2 If you haven’t figured out by now, we sell remote control software for windows. The cool part about it is that you do not even need to go to the remote computer and install an agent to control it. When Microsoft released Service Pack 2, […]


For a long time now we have used DNS CNAME for our servers. CNAME stands for canonical name. It is an alias for another host name. In our case we have two servers. Their names have been changed to protect the innocent. Lets say they are called iserver1, and iserver2. We constantly replicate all of […]


Looks like it is now common knowledge that there are two more vulnerabilities in the image preview feature of windows. It was posted here way before the major press had started to cover it. Turn off the image preview feature now – until Microsoft finds a good fix for this bug Check out our Windows […]


It happens to all of us. Your working away on something really important – for me it is a few thousand lines of code. The phone rings you talk. Talk some more. Come back and – Ta Da! All your work is gone and your system is rebooted! Later you discover that it was the […]


Just as I predicted, Apple has unveiled their new Intel line of computers. Just one more step in the direction of their master plan. A new Intel iMac, and a new Intel based laptop that starts at just $1,999. A few more software additions and updates. A blow by blow accounting of the whole thing […]


Update: 1/5/2007 – We created our own remote reboot program that has more features than the one shown here. Visit our downloads page to get it I found this free utility on the net a year or two ago. It was one of those free programs someone threw up on a bog somewhere. It allows […]


It looks like moments after the fix for the WMF vulnerability was released some researches have found two more flaws that were previously unknown. They were discovered by a hacker that goes by the name cocoruder. All of these vulnerabilities surround the dll that allows users to preview images. With this news in mind we […]


I could not for the life of me remember how to refresh group policy on a windows 2000 workstation. I finally found the command line to do it. I know this will help someone out there: Using Microsoft Windows 2000, how do I force a group policy to be applied? When you make a change […]


We have had this really nasty bug with Office XP. Every time a user tries to print to specific printers the whole thing locks up. We originally thought it might be the printer driver. We tried all kinds of things to get these machines to work. Only to find out it was a bug in […]


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