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November 2011

I got a question from Justin this week: “Hi steve, Have a few scripts that I use for regular admin work. I want to combine them with a simple menu. I was wondering if there was an easy way to make a menu in a batch file.” Yes there is Justin, and it is actually […]


Don’t know about you, but I have a few programs that I use through the day that require administrator access. This means every time I launch, I get the annoying UAC prompt: There is a simple trick to create a shortuct that will launch with no prompts. You can do it by creating a task […]

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I got a question from Tracy this week: “Hi Steve. Love all the tools and tips you keep sending our way. Got a question. Is there any easy way to logoff a user when they are not active for say, 15 Minutes?” I spoke with Tracy further to explain that forcing a logoff could cause […]


The Cron Service for windows has been updated. To see what we have added, visit the announcement page If you spend any amount of time working with Unix, you will come across Cron and the CronTab file. What is it? Cron allows you to schedule programs to run at specified intervals, like every Sunday at […]


A few weeks back I wrote about deleting files that are in use What about copying them so you can back them up? I found a tool that will do just that. It is called hobocopy. Not to be confused with robocopy, hobocopy takes advantage of a system within windows called Volume Shadow Copy. This […]


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