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August 2012

Last week Travis emailed me about an interesting utility called CryPing: “..I use a TCP Ping utility instead of ICMP because it provide more flexibility and better results. The tool I use is CryPing..” He is right it being more flexible. Instead of the standard ICMP ping, you can ping an HTTP port on a […]


James asked this week: “Hi Steve. I liked your script that automatically disabled the wireless card when the Ethernet was enabled. But I was wondering, how about a script that ran when a ping to a server timed out? “ This is not as hard as it sounds – we can use the ping command […]


A while back Stacy asked: “Hi Steve. I was wondering if you knew of a way to get a windows product key from a script. I need it because we are trying to audit our windows licensing, and see if we have any duplicate keys” And by coincidence, I got this email from Matthew P: […]


A few weeks back we released a tool that would allow users to easily see their local IP address. It can really save time when supporting users over the phone. Instead of telling them to click on start, then control panel, then, etc etc…you can simply say “Click on the star down by the time” […]


A few weeks back, Patrick sent me an email showing a script he used to track what users had logged on to a machine. In his email he mentioned something: “.. If I am having a problem with a specific person I use “Activity Monitor” and log everything on that machine..” Thanks for the tip […]


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