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January 2012

I got a question from Mike this week: “Hi steve. Hope all is well. I am the IT manager at a small bank in Texas. We have lots of patch management tools…so I am not looking for that. Before an audit I would like to quickly force all of my machines to download and install […]


This week we have a question from Vladimir: “Hello Steve, Happy New year to you and all the best in the new 2012. I’m battling here with fragmentation disk problems and I’m wondering; Is there a way to run a defragmentation process during night hours when all machines are idling? Can it be scripted so […]


Got a question from Enrico, “Good morning Steve, and Happy New Year!…I would like that when the user has a wired NIC up and running, the wireless NIC is automatically disabled, and as soon as the wired NIC disconnects, the wireless NIC activates. This prevents the user to have both NICs up and running at […]


Attention: This utility has been updated. The command line arguments here are out of date. Click Here for info on the new release This week we have a question from Melissa: “Hi Steve. Got a really quick question. Previously you had an article that showed how to burn an ISO from the command line. My […]


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