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July 2011

We have a fax server here that drops all of its incoming faxes to a shared folder. Unfortunately, because of the way it was designed it cannot be joined to our local domain. This means it has its own local account, and every time I reboot a username and password has to be entered to […]


I got a question from one of our customers this week, “Is there a way to run profile generator based on its workstation name? We want cached mode activated for laptops but not desktops. Or can you advise how this can be determined with the batch file?” Actually we have had a tool internally that […]


We have been working hard on the next version of Network Administrator. As we build out our new libraries for it, we are releasing free tools based on our internal framework. It allows us to field test aspects of the execution engine, and at the same time you get a freebie. Right now, the plugin […]


One of the issues when deploying Microsoft Outlook is that there is always some form or wizard that needs to be completed before a user can start accessing their email. Even in Outlook 2010, there are still setup pages the user has to fill out. This can get especially annoying if you have users that […]


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