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May 2012

A while a go Wil asked the question: “Is there a tool available in Windows 7 to check and measure wireless signal strength. It would show where your weak areas and dead spots are, using whatever card is built into the PC. Thanks” We actually have had our own tool to do this internally for […]


Back in November we released a free cron service for windows What is it? It is a task scheduler that uses the same format as the unix cron service. The motivation for this tool was that the task scheduler built into windows did not have a good way of moving jobs from one computer to […]


Ryan asked this week: “I have a scenario where an application starts when a particular user (generic admin account) logs on to the console. The problem is that when the same user account is also used to login to an RDP session, on the same server, the service tries to start again, and breaks…Is it […]


This week Nathan asks: “Hi Steve, I hope you can help me with this one. I am trying to get a report on what programs and ports are allowed in the firewall on machines across my network. I don’t want to just enable group policy, since it might break something. If I can get a […]


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