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March 2011

On one of our servers we have a batch processing program. It is old and clunky, but it gets the job done. An irritating bug it has is that it leaves temp files around in the c:\windows\temp folder. One day we noticed the server was getting slow – finally realized that the temp folder had […]


One of the problems when deploying Microsoft Outlook is that there is always some form or wizard that needs to be completed before a user can start accessing their email. Even in the latest version of Outlook, there are still setup pages the user has to fill out. This can get especially annoying if you […]


A few days ago a friend of mine called me. He said he had a small problem with his laptop, and was wondering if I could help him over the phone. You get the idea. Not an easy problem. He brought the laptop over, and I determined the cause of the blue screen: it was […]


It is that time again. Microsoft is getting close to releasing IE 9 in its final form. According to my sources, it will be released on Monday, March 14th. This also means it will show up in automatic updates as an “Important Update” If you want to prevent this from happening, you can setup a […]


If you are using Windows 7, then you must have run into the “Auto Maximize” feature. Microsoft calls it “Smart Window Arrangement” Here is a short youtube clip that shows you what I am talking about: Essentially if you move your window around and touch the corner, it will automatically maximize the window. After a […]


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