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January 2009

Back in 2006 we created an IE 7 blocking tool. It set a special registry key that would tell Automatic Update to totally skip IE 7 when it was released. Now the same can be accomplished with Internet Explorer 8. Yes, I do realize that it is still in beta, and has not even been […]


I have been looking through Microsoft’s website for more information about Windows 7, and 2008 R2. I thought you might appreciate some of my findings: Remote Administrator tools for Windows 7 Windows 7 (Beta) Automated Installation Kit Windows 7 Walkthrough: Deployment Image Servicing and Management Windows 7 Walkthrough: Problem Steps Recorder Windows 7 Walkthrough: User […]


One of the issues when deploying Microsoft Outlook is that there is always some form or wizard that needs to be completed before a user can start accessing their email. Even in Outlook 2010, there are still setup pages the user has to fill out. This can get especially annoying if you have users that […]


Quick note – Windows 2008 R2 (The server edition of Windows 7) is available for download Microsoft has opened the beta program to anyone with a web browser. To download the ISO file, simply visit this website: Download Windows 2008 R2


Microsoft has expanded the pool of testers for the Windows 7 beta. Anyone can now download the beta of the new version of Windows by visiting this website: The minimum requirements for the beta are: *1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor *1 GB of system memory *16 GB of available disk space *Support for […]


Finally, Microsoft has decided to allow MSDN subscribers test the new version of Windows – Windows 7. The latest build number is 7000. I downloaded it last night and decided to take it for a spin. The first thing I noticed (different from the last beta) is the new bootup screen has this cool star […]


I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and New Year. I sure did – The power was out at my house and the office between both holidays. Almost a week without power. I am now very familiar with electricians, transfer switches, and generators. Still it did not get us down – we still enjoyed the […]


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