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February 2012

Last week I told you about a free utility to empty your recycle bin from the command line. In the comments, a kind person told us about CCleaner. Now normally, I hear a name like CCleaner, and I think of those scam registry cleaners that really don’t do much for you. I took the time […]


Anglelika had a question a few weeks back: “Mr Steve. I need to clear the recycle bin when users log out. Is there any way I can put a command in their logout script to do this? PS. Don’t ask why…just something the boss wants : ()” This is an interesting one. I thought a […]


Got a question from Mary this week: “Once in a while we need to let users know we are going to take a server down, or need to do maintenance on the network. In the old days we would use ‘net send’. But it seems now with Vista, and Windows 7 things have gotten a […]


In response to monitor your file sharing, Michael sent me a tip about a program that allows you to watch folders for changes: Thought this little freeware tool might be useful for your readers. I use it for monitoring changes on a shared documentation drive used for software installs. Now if someone modifies the documentation, […]


I received an email from Jennifer this week: “Howdy Steve. I want to thank you for all the tips and ideas. I ran across this small utility that I think your readers might like. It is called Share Watch. It lets you keep track of what files and folders are being accessed by remote users” […]


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