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June 2007

This week and last both Samsung and Seagate have announced they will be offering Terabyte hard drives. Seagate announced two models, the Barracuda ES.2 for the enterprise and the Barracuda 7200.11 for consumers. Both drives will offer 7,200-rpm spin speeds, up to 32 MB of cache, average seek times of 8.5 milliseconds – they should […]


Dell introduced new laptop computers this Tuesday to regain its once dominant position in the PC market. Included in the line is one of the first laptops to use the 32 GB flash drive technology – Allowing the laptop to be lighter, and the battery to last longer. Dell’s new notebooks will be unveiled at […]


Windows 2003, XP, and 2000 (when joined to a domain) will always save the name of the last user that logged in. This is a nice feature if you are the only one who logs into the PC – Yes it saves you the trouble of typing your username each time you login. Yet many […]


I started getting this message from my Realtek Audio control program for a few months now. I figured it was probably missing some files, or got corrupt. I re-installed all of the Realtek drivers, and still the error message persisted. A quick google search and I discovered it was caused by some security updates from […]


I was pulling my hair out the other day when I wanted to blind carbon copy someone an email. If you have never used it before the BCC field allows you to send the message to multiple recipients without revealing who you sent the message to. For example if I sent a message to Dave, […]


I was looking for a tool to resize the primary partition on my Vista workstation…you know something like Partition Magic but with the shiny “Works With Vista” logo? Only after a few searches I discovered that Microsoft has baked into Vista automatic partition resizing. I was very skeptical at first, and I worried that it […]


As users become more savvy and are able to easily detect phishing attempts, the attackers are getting more clever in their methods. Symantec has put out a warning for a new virus named Trojan.Kardphisher. The maleware is installed by an infected email, or webpage. Once the software is installed you are prompted by this screen […]


Symantec is treading a new path – using virus detection technology that does not need signature files. Recently many security researchers have spoken out against the use of signature files. Ironically almost every popular anti-virus solution uses some type of signature file system. How do signature files work? Before a signature file can be created […]


VMWare released its latest in its line of betas for MacOSX this week. This release is more stable than ever, and I would highly recommend to anyone with a Mac to download and try this latest release. With this version I am able to easily run three or four virtual machines at a time (Usually […]


Microsoft Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 was quietly released to automatic updates yesterday. As you can see in the screen shot below – there is no need to worry about it installing without your knowledge. It requires that you manually agree to install it before it is applied to your system It definitely is not […]


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