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June 2008

The time is almost here. We are getting ready to release our first beta of Remote Control LAN Edition – compatible with Vista, and 64 bit windows. We have been accepting beta application requests for almost a year now, and over 5000 people have asked to be on the list. We have setup a private […]


I have been looking for a “best practices” document to use when setting up Vista in a business environment. While searching the MS website I came across these three security guides: Windows Vista Security Guide Windows XP Security Guide Windows 2003 Security Guide They offer a tremendous amount of information that can help you get […]


If you are like me, you were brought to Windows Vista kicking and screaming. All of the flash and lights just do not seem to be worth all of the broken drivers, slow boots, and frequent crashes. Microsoft is trying to sunset XP as quickly as they can, and after June 30th it will be […]


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