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November 2010

I got a note from Thomas: Like everyone else I’m always tweaking the network and I really appreciate newsletters…What I’m looking for is a good batch file the looks for changes to file folders on one drive and only updates those changes during a copy files to another drive. This is an excellent question. There […]


For quite some time we have had a product called Profile Generator. It is a command line application that you can drop into a logon script. Once it is there, users can launch Outlook and get right into their email. No more setup wizards, and no more support calls for those users that roam from […]

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I received a message from Charles-AndrĂ© Hello Steve, First of all, keep on the good work, I really appreciate your newsletter. Second, I’m looking to find a way to know, during logon script, if a user is in a specific group. That way, a precise action, like a “net use”, could be done on that […]


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