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July 2006

As Promised we have created two more free utlities. The first one is our CD Rom disabler. It allows you to enable or disable CD Rom devices on any Windows 2000/XP/2003 machines You can download it from here For those of you who want to remotely disable or enable CD rom devices on your network […]

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Yesterday we had a nice article about disabling your floppy drive. We just released another application along that same vein. Remote Floppy Disabler. It is a good companion to our USB disabler, and Remote USB Disabler programs. Just like all of the previous utilities it does not require any install, DLL, or .net runtimes. Download […]


We had a popular article a while back on disabling USB drives. We have had a request for doing the same with floppy drives. There is a simple registry change that will keep the floppy drivers from starting when the system boots. If you want to change it yourself As always – back your system […]


We all have been there. It is 4:55 and you want to get out of work…But you want to make sure your system is shutdown for the night. You dutifully close all of your applications and start shutting down 5 minutes later it *finally* powers off It happens to more machines that it should. I […]


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