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December 2013

I got a great question from Brian this week: “Is there a quick way to delete the temp files for all user profiles? We have some PC’s that many users logon to and over a period of time there can be many thousands of temp files in each users profile.” A simple way to do […]


This week Tim asked: “How do I run Defrag remotely using Network Administrator?” This is a good question. Normally you can execute any batch file, or script you want just using the remote execute plugin. Defrag.exe, and other tools built into Windows are different. Since the file is located under c:\windows\system32, Windows will try to […]


Got a question from Mark this week: “Does the latest version of Network Administrator allow me to run just the update cleanup portion of disk cleanup?” Mark showed me a new command that was backported from Windows 8 to Windows 7. It allows you to delete service pack, and patch uninstall files. These can add […]


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