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September 2010

With the increased number of virus outbreaks lately, I wanted to find out what shares were open on my network. After some digging, I found a free tool from SysInternals that can give you a detailed report of all the shares and printers across your network. It is called ShareEnum, and you can download it […]

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I came across a cool site, it is called Ninite: It has been a huge time saver for me. I had a dozen or so machines I had to setup for a friend over the weekend. Using this utility I cut down my time by creating one setup file with most of the applications […]


I found a free tool from Microsoft that lets you search for event log entries across your network. It was released quite some time ago, but still works with the newest versions of Windows. It is part of a download package called Security Guide Scripts Download. You can get it from here: Security Guide Scripts […]


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